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Special Limited Time Offer - Motorized Bike Storage System

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How does it work?

The patented Bike In The Air system uses a powerful electric motor to safely lift up to 6 bikes at the push of a button! That's it. NO MORE heavy lifting of bikes onto elevated racks & hooks. NO MORE scratched & dented cars from sharing floor space with bikes. NO MORE cluttered garage & storage space. Reclaim your garage with the unique Bike In The Air motorized bike storage system today!

Who is it for?

The short answer is YOU! Bike In The Air is great for everyone who owns or likes bikes - from the family of casual bikers to the high-end biking enthusiasts to even sellers of garage & storage organization systems! There's never been anything like Bike In The Air. Order during this limited time Introductory Offer and be the first among your friends to own one!

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